The FINEST UMF® Manuka Honey from New Zealand.

The Benefits of ManukaVille® UMF® Manuka Honey

ManukaVille UMF® Manuka Honey is a natural nutritious and delicious product. It offers all of the unique characteristics of Manuka honey and is guaranteed to be authentic, direct from the hive.

The UMF® grading system appraises natural markers found in Manuka honey, and assures purity and quality.

Consumed as part of a balanced diet, Manuka honey provides a delicious source of energy and is a natural alternative to processed sweeteners.

ManukaVille UMF® Manuka Honey is 100% pure and natural and it can be enjoyed as a drink, a spread, in cooking or baking, or directly from the jar. It is also suitable for those on a vegetarian diet.

The intention of this site is to inform the findings on the potential healing qualities of UMF® manuka honey and to make it available to those who wish to experience the unique benefits of this product. Information provided in this website does not constitute medical advice nor can it replace the advice of your healthcare professional. Please consult your doctor before making any decisions on using natural treatments if you are unwell.
Honey is NOT recommended for infants below the age of 12 months and may trigger allergy to those who are sensitive to pollen or bee products.
UMF® is the registered trademark of theUMF® Honey Association of New Zealand (UMFHA) and can be used only by licensed operators that meet published standards such as regular monitoring and auditing of the quality of their honey.
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