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For your convenience, just place your order online using this form and we'll courier the products to you, wherever you are. (Delivery to some countries is subject to customs clearance and certain duties or taxes might be imposed by your local authorities).

A large amount of stock is kept in our Malaysia warehouse and from this warehouse, we can dispatch your orders quickly, and within a shorter lead time compared to if the items were sent out from New Zealand.

Your order will arrive in a matter of days and often, as fast as just one day - depending on your location. This is the level of speedy service that we aim to provide to all our customers.

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No payment is required when you place your order. Just fill up the order form below and we'll email you the invoice. You can make payment after you receive the invoice. This is our way of providing you with a sense of assurance and customer service - you communicate with a real person before payment is made.

We maintain a good stock volume at our warehouse in Malaysia and for customers in Malaysia, payments can easily be made via online transfer or inter-bank GIRO to our Maybank / Public Bank accounts. You can also deposit cash payments to our accounts at ATMs at Maybank or Public Bank and for international customers, payments can be paid via PayPal (PayPal payments are subject to an additional processing fee of 4.5% on total invoice amount).

ManukaVille® --- Bringing you a SAFE, AFFORDABLE & CONVENIENT way of ordering UMF® manuka honey online.


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