The FINEST UMF® Manuka Honey from New Zealand.

The Origins of ManukaVille UMF® Manuka Honey


New Zealand - a country blessed with pure air, rich flora and a pristine environment - is globally recognized as a supplier of some of the world’s finest honeys. Its vast, unpolluted ecosystem is home to many species of native flora from which honey bees gather their nectar.

ManukaVille UMF® Manuka Honey comes from the nectar gathered by honey bees from the flowers of the manuka trees (Leptospermum scoparium). Well-known to the indigenous Maori people of New Zealand for its healing properties, the manuka tree has been used for generations for a wide range of remedies.

To obtain manuka honey, beekeepers place their beehives in apiaries within the vast areas where the manuka trees grow naturally and uncultivated, in remote locations of both the North and South Island of New Zealand, far away from the populated areas. Great care is taken in sourcing so that the honey you get is supplied only by responsible beekeepers that are committed to practicing high standards and proper hives control where each batch and variety can be traced back to a specific region or a unique floral source.

From raw honey collection to transportation to production and packing, all ManukaVille products are subjected to strict factory management procedures and even stricter quality control systems.

Among the finest of honeys you can find in the market, this premium brand is not just differentiated by its absolute purity and unique flavour, but also by the high integrity of the supply chain processes and procedures that are implemented throughout to ensure that we deliver only the best to our customers.

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